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Articles of Incorporation - Stiftung Liebenau


Stiftung Liebenau was founded in 1873 by an association of Tettnang citizens initiated by Chaplain Adolf Aich. It provides social services, health care and education as a charitable foundation that, according to the wishes of its founders, "is and shall remain an exclusively private institution rooted in the values of Christian charity and brotherly love (...) and shall remain firmly established on the basis of the Roman Catholic Church. 

Section 1: Legal Form, Name, Registered Office

Section 2: Christian Values

Section 3: Mission

Section 4: Non-Profit, Charitable Status

Section 5: Foundation Assets

Section 6: Governing Bodies

Section 7: Board of Directors

Section 8: Supervisory Board

Section 9: Relationship between the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board

Section 10: General Duties of the Supervisory Board

Section 11: Special Duties of the Supervisory Board

Section 12: Supervisory Board Meetings

Section 13: Foundation Oversight

Section 14: Applicability of the "Grundordnung des kirchlichen Dienstes"

Section 15: Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation / Dissolution of the Foundation

Section 16: Entry into Force of the Amended Articles of Incorporation