Services included

Services included.

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Stiftung Liebenau Services

People with and without disabilities working together is an integral part of our everyday business.


To make this concept a reality we have created a variety of services and businesses specific to the needs of The Stiftung Liebenau. They offer a wide range of services as well as producing their own high-end products.


Our portfolio of Business and Services is open to anyone who wishes to take advantage of them. We offer our customers a high quality service from motivated and qualified reliable staff. Our customers are supporting the work of The Stiftung Liebenau and also the inclusion of individuals with disabilities into our community.


As with everything we do our core value remains constant: In our middle - the individual.

What we can offer

The Liebenau Gebäude- und Anlagenservice GmbH (LiGAS) offers a range of services focused on operating services and energy management.


The Liebenau Beratung- und Unternehmensdienste GmbH (LBU) provides services in the area of IT, bookkeeping and personnel accounting.


Liebenauer Landleben encompasses a market garden, horticultural nursery, farming and agriculture, fruit growing, livestock farming, landscape gardening and a retail outlet. 


The Liebenau Service GmbH (LiSe) offers services in the areas of Catering, building services management and textile services.  


In the „Holzhof “literally translated as Woodfarm the Forestry Department of Stiftung Liebenau processes wood from the Stiftungs forests and other local forests into firewood.