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International Training & Recruiting

In our ever-ageing society, the challenges to enabling people to live with dignity in old age are also ever increasing. Together with the use of new technical innovations and qualified professional nursing care, this is only possible with enough well-trained nursing staff. Today, however, there are already far more vacancies than there are nursing professionals to fill them. This nationwide shortage of skilled workers will continue and even worsen. Experts say that around 150,000 additional care workers will be needed in Germany by 2025.


The Stiftung Liebenau faces a shortage of skilled workers and trainees for the care and support of our residents. The result is a heavy load on the colleagues who are already working here, and their limits are quickly exceeded when they must also cover for sickness or holidays.

Care Professionals made by The Stiftung Liebenau

We are sure that in the future there will be a need for 50-70 nursing professionals from outside Germany and therefore in 2019 we established our"International Training and Recruiting" department, it endeavours to recruit new staff from outside Germany to ease the problem of too few skilled workers in social and nursing care.


Our Recruitment is always carried out responsibly and based on principled values defined in The Stiftung Liebenau´s Code of Ethics for the Recruitment of Professionals from abroad. Our focus is on carefully building institutional structures and programmes in a few select countries. We establish partnerships and our own training centres on site, which enable getting the necessary professional skills and linguistic requirements.

Stiftung Liebenau’s Code of Ethics for Recruiting Workers from Abroad


In view of demographic developments, Stiftung Liebenau now has to recruit workers from abroad to be able to continue providing its services. We appreciate that we are confronted with various ethical dilemmas, as our new employees have to leave their home countries to work for us here in Germany. There is a risk of them being manipulated for different interests and values. While we concede that ethical dilemmas can never be fully resolved, we have developed this code of ethics to ensure that we can act as responsibly as possible. Everyone involved in the recruitment process can refer to the following principles.

Stiftung Liebenau’s Code of Ethics

for Recruiting Workers from Abroad

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Information on labour migration in the Nursing Sector to Germany

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Projects in progress


In cooperation with the local initiative "KTEP" in Toril, we offer young Filipinos, from challenging backgrounds, new prospects for the future. The "KTEP" project supports young students from poor families both socially and financially during their education and up until they graduate from college.


Students on this programme can follow up their work with a vocational training in Germany. To enable the young people to do this, they must first take part in a one-year German language course, with the aim of reaching B2 level. After completing the language course, they begin their three-year "General Training as Nursing Specialist" within the facilities of The Stiftung Liebenau in Germany.


This video shows our Toril group:

Indien, Nigeria, Ruanda, Peru, Mexiko, Usbekistan

Talks are underway with various possible cooperation partners.


Frank Moscherosch

Head International Training and Recruiting

Siggenweilerstraße 11

88074 Meckenbeuren

Telefon +49 7542 10-7025


Sabine Münz

Human Resources Officer International Training and Recruiting

Siggenweilerstraße 11

88074 Meckenbeuren

Telefon +49 7542 10-1248