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Stiftung Liebenau Nursing Care

Nursing Care

We are here for individuals who need our specialized support. We help elderly individuals in need of our assistance to live their lives with dignity and as independently as possible.

We offer traditional Residential Care facilities, Sheltered Housing with ties to Residential facilities, Homecare support service, and Hospice care. Our services and staff are friendly and uncomplicated. Our houses are comfortable and lively parts of the community and offer a place where people can meet and share quality time together.

We offer a comprehensive care portfolio to cover all areas of help including and especially help for people with dementia, this enables us to offer individual solutions for individual needs. We guide and support people entrusted to our care with respect and sound working practice. We are also thankfully supported in are work by many kind voluntary helpers.

As with everything we do our core value remains constant: In our middle - the individual.

What we can offer

Our diverse range of nursing care is based on the needs of elderly people and their families looking for solutions to problems caused with ageing. Our care staff is particularly trained in the care of individuals with dementia. Together with residential and care communities we also offer a wide range of different housing alternatives as well as short term care support and intensive home care support. With our outpatient services we can provide extra help with homecare support to enable people to live longer in their own homes.

About Stiftung Liebenau

"Senior Friendly Communities not just a concept in a Fairytale" - An article by Dan Levitt, published by Vancouver Sun.

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Overall view of our Care facilities.


Care facilities, care services and care support are also provided by our business partner Stiftung Hospital zum Heiligen Geist.


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