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Stiftung Liebenau Living Spaces

Living Spaces

We are here for individuals who want to actively live life together with others. Our focus is on particular places and spaces in communities and how to use them effectively. We can offer people of all ages a stimulating environment in multigenerational houses and the surrounding community.


Living spaces are meeting places, participation and inclusion, to help and to be helped in a barrier free environment, multigenerational houses for young and old, where elderly people can live as independently as possible in their own four walls, integration and participation in the community and a pooling of resources that leads to a positive vibrant space for everyone involved.


Our staff are the essential link between all the activities on offer in the house. They encourage individuals to be as independent as possible and also encourage support from the neighborhood itself. They coordinate voluntary help, advise and support residents, manage joint ventures and look after networking.


As with everything we do our core value remain constant: In our middle  - the individual.

What we can offer

“lebensraum” means living space  - home,family,friends,neighbours and community. A mix of different  Community based projects is an important part of work of The Stiftung  Liebenau.


There are various locations for „Lebensräume für Jung und Alt“ living spaces for young and old, these   multigenerational housing facilities relay on a combination of independent living and support from the community and encourage cooperation between the different generations.


There is a similar situation with our “Quartiersprojekten“ meaning neighborhood projects. In Galgenhalde a district of Ravensburg The Stiftung Liebenau cooperates with different partners to strengthen the sense of community spirit. To make it possible for individuals to live as long as possible in their own home, neighborhood help is supplemented by a wide range of professional support . In the local community of Oberteuringen, a “Lebensraum-Campus,”is  currently being developed.  The development , with its wide range of different accommodation will create opportunities for people of all ages, with or without disabilities to meet and interact together.