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In our middle  - the individual 


The Stiftung Liebenau empowers individuals who need our specific support and guidance to be as independent as they possible can and to participate and be included in society today.


We work in the areas of EducationHealth care management, Nursing Care, Living SpacesParticipation and Family and Services and Products. Whether it is facilities run, the services we provide or our community infrastructure development we see ourselves as partners dedicated to helping people help themselves. Thanks to our extensive range of support options we can design individual solutions based on individual needs.  


Our actions are guided by Christian humanitarian principles, Professional working practices and Sustainable business economics.


Founded in 1870 The Stiftung Liebenau is a Non-profit making organization (NPO) based on Catholic Christian principals, working in the areas of Social welfare, Health Care and Education and learning. We have facilities in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Slovakia.

brochure Stiftung Liebenau

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