Organization of Stiftung Liebenau

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Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is the highest committee in The Stiftung Liebenau. They are responsible for the long term interests and positive development of the Stiftung Liebenau. They act as an independent regulatory body to insure that legal and statuary requirements are followed.  They monitor statuary requirements and the nonprofit making and charitable character of the Stiftung. They insure that Christian principals are followed, the independence of the Stiftung Liebenau is maintained and the financial reserves managed competently. The supervisory board is also accountable for the proper management and the financial statements of the Stiftung Liebenau.


Follow this link to find out more about the members of the Supervisory Board.


The Stiftung Liebenau with its nearly 8.000 employees is one of the largest employers in the region.


We need committed and well qualified staff to take on the responsible work we do.


That is why we see qualifications and selective job training and further education as being so important. We encourage a positive working environment that is both creative and open to constructive criticism. Where staff can develop, bring in their own ideas for improvement and enjoy their place of work. We work together to find the right work/family balance and also make it possible for staff to work voluntarily in other areas of The Stiftung Liebenau that they find interesting to gain new experiences.


To find out more about our Job offers, our further education program, on the job training  and the terms and conditions of employment go to Karriere.

Company Structure

The Stiftung Liebenau Network includes over 40 subsidiary companies as well as different interests in other business and also several independent foundations.


The Stiftung Liebenau has interests in other business and forms a Stiftung Association together with The Stiftung Hospital zum Heiligen Geist. The Association works in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Italy and Slovakia. The main areas of business for The Stiftung Liebenau are concentrated in the south of Germany.

The organigramm of the Stiftung Liebenau

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Social Politics

Changes in social values and in social politics are inevitable. We observe and analyse these social and legal developments as well as changes in the market place and new thinking in society. We use this information to adjust and modify our working practise and our strategies for the future.


We take a stand to support new reforms and current issues that are relevant to our business. We advocate our position in politics and in public with discussions with the politicians responsible and produce written documents and presentations on these issues.


It is the responsibility of The Stiftung Liebenau to represent the principles of the Catholic social doctrine as well as the values of independent living, inclusion and community based orientation.


Look for papers to Social Politics in our Mediathek.

Porträt von Ulrich Kuhn
Ulrich Kuhn

Stiftung Liebenau
Stabsstelle Sozialpolitik
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88074 Meckenbeuren
Telefon +49 7542 10-1206


To successfully complete the responsibilities that we have on a national and European level we work together with our partners in and outside Germany. Working together strengthens both our position in politics and in our society.


Together with the partners in our network we can actively participate and influence the political thinking that determines our work. We are committed to social reforms that benefit the lives of the individuals we are responsible for.

Network: SONG (“Soziales neu gestalten”) Social issues redefined

“Brüsseler Kreis” The Brussel’s Circle

Spiritual Wellbeing

Spiritual Wellbeing always was and always will be an important part of the Stiftung Liebenau. It has become our main focus. Our basis is a comprehensive understanding of Spiritual Wellbeing as reflected in our core value:


“In our middle – The Individual!"


The Stiftung Liebenau operates on three levels of Spiritual Wellbeing:


  • On the existential level the Stiftung Liebenau provides help, support and guidance in all life’s challenging situations.
  • On the second level the Stiftung Liebenau offers advice and orientation on religious questions and can establish contact with other religions.
  • The third level is specifically Christian and consists of the Spiritual Wellbeing in the Catholic Church: prayer, religious education and Church services.


Our counsellors are both male and female and come from a religious background. Day and night they help and guide elderly individuals who live in different residential care situations. As well as the counsellors, each member of staff plays their part in the Spiritual Wellbeing of all the individuals involved.


If you want to learn more about the understanding of Spiritual Wellbeing and the challenges involved please read the brochure “Seelsorgekonzept der Stiftung Liebenau”.


There is a weekly church service at almost all of our facilities. You can find places of worship in all of our new living and care facilities.

Participation and Inclusion and Health Care

Nursing Care

Educations and Learning

Services and Products

Honorary Award Holders

Since 2002 The Stiftung Liebenau has bestowed particular individuals with The Stiftungs Honorary award, these individuals have in some outstanding way helped the Stiftung with its work in the areas of Education and learning, and or social welfare. The Award holders include former members of the supervisory board as well as business partners from the areas of social welfare, also former mayors from regions where the Stiftung is active and members of staff and voluntary workers.


Follow this link to find out more about the people who have received The Stiftungs Honorary Award.