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Stiftung Liebenau Health Care

We are here for the individuals who need our specialised help and support. We offer a complex health care system focused on the needs of people with disabilities. This is made up of not only medical but also therapeutic management systems. We run hospitals, residential facilities and social therapeutic living groups as well as Day-care centres and Outpatient facilities.

Thanks to our wide range of experience and our comprehensive support networks we can often offer help when other unfortunately cannot. We can tailor treatment to individual needs and we always take a holistic approach to therapies used.

We guide and support the individuals entrusted to our care in a coordinated professional care network.

As with everything we do our core value remains constant: In our middle - the individual.



What we can offer

In our spezialized hospital in Liebenau we have 62 beds made up of a children and young adult psychiatric unit, an adult psychiatric unit and a unit for internal medicine. The hospital works closely with social therapeutic residential groups. The groups give a home to individuals who need long-term support and guidance.  Our outpatient facilities offer not only general medicine and psychiatric help for children and young adults but also neurological gerontopsychiatric and adult psychiatric treatment.


In Stuttgart the Haus St. Damiano offers social therapeutic places for adults with learning disabilities or more complicated impairments. It also runs a Daycare center for adults with disabilities. In Stuttgart, the Day Clinic Tagesklinik Bernsteinstraße also has a psychiatry unit for children and young adults with intellectual impairments, learning disabilities and severe communication issues.