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Stiftung Liebenau Participation and Family

Participation and Inclusion

We are here for individuals who need our specialized support.  We enable individuals with disabilities to open up new prospects in life, to be treated equally and to take an active role in our society today.


Living space, school, further education, work, leisure time and culture - in all of these areas we are reliable partners for the individuals in our care and their families. With the wide range of programs, we offer in the communities where we work and in the facilities we run, we can always find the best solution to problems faced.


We guide and support the individuals entrusted to our care with solid experience and expertise. 


As with everything we do our core values remain constant: In our middle – The Individual.

What we can offer

The Stiftung Liebenau represents and supports individuals in the areas of inclusion and participation. In all of our facilities and all our services this is our main goal.


We offer a varied range of housing models for individuals with disabilities, e.g. residential care, non-residential assisted living, small living communities and community integrated housing.


In our Liebenauer Arbeitswelten (Liebenau world of work) we offer a range of different workplaces, satellite workshops and the support from job coaches. Here we can offer individuals with disabilities, physical or social impairment issues, further education, employment, or rehabilitation into the workplace.


We offer a wide variety of leisure and cultural activities  that are open to children, young adults and adults.



We are here for individuals who need our specific support and guidance. We help families through difficult phases of life. We support children in their development and offer families a wide range of support in difficult and challenging situations.


Our complex network offers individual help. We encourage and help children to be as independent as they can, to participate and to be included in the community. With the work we do we want to support and encourage a children and family friendly environment in our society.


We guide and support the individuals entrusted to our care and their families respectfully and professionally.


As with everything we do our core value remains constant: In our middle - the individual.

What we can offer

There are 60 different offers available from our network orientated towards children, young people and families. If you need more information please follow the link here.


The spectrum we offer includes: child care, preschool development program, help with parenting, therapeutic support and childrenhospice.