Werte der Stiftung Liebenau
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Our values

Our Philosophy

Our vision

We help and support people to individually determine and live their own lives and to participate and be included in society.

Our commitment

We are here for the individuals who need our specific help and support.

Our values

Christian-Catholic principles


The principles that determine our working practise are fundamental anchored in the teachings of Jesus Christ from the New Testament. His compassion and his interaction with those in need in his time is the measure we use to guide us in our work with the people requiring our support today.


His humanity and his reverence for life is our starting point for respectful and positive dealings with people. Jesus`s relationship to God as the Father of all things leads us to respect and to value all individuals with truth and honesty.


In our thinking and in our actions we try to follow the example Jesus has set for us, as individuals and as an organization.


  • Our view of humanity
    The Christian image of humanity dominates our thinking and doing. It is the ethical benchmark by which we measure how we work, the services we provide and our business developments.
  • Solutions for the individuals in our care
    We are here for people who need our specific help and support. We orientate our holistic help and support on the individuals physical and spiritual needs.
  • Our Appreciation of our staff
    With their professionalism, expertise and social competence our employees carry out the responsible work that must be done to fulfil our commitments. This deserves our highest respect and strongest support.
  • Reliable Partnership
    The reliable working partnership between customers, local government departments, funding agencies, business partners and local authorities is the essential element in our business activities.




  • Diversity
    From our point of view, in order to find the right solutions for individuals who need our help we must have a diverse range of possible solutions. We offer help in the areas of Education, Health careNursing care and Living Spaces, Participation and Family Support, Services and Products.
  • Individual Solutions
    Thanks to our wide range of care and support structures we can construct the appropriate individual solution needed for the person in question. These solutions are constructed with as much involvement from the individual as possible bearing in mind their needs and abilities.
  • Community Orientation
    Our work is oriented on the idea of a community. We encourage the working together of all parties involved, relations, family and Associations including the Church and local councils.

Economics of Business


  • Economic security
    The Stiftung Liebenau is an economically sound long term business partner. As a Non-profit making organization, the finances generated from investment, profits and donations are invested singular to insure the positive future development and security of our services and facilities.

  • Business Competence
    Thanks to our long and successful Business Management experience we are a financially sound and well organized reliable partner. We offer our employees and business partners, both domestic and international, a stable and secure, independent business focused on the future.

  • Social Return on Investment
    Through the work that we do every day, The Stiftung Liebenau also generates a secondary positive economy in the areas, locations and regions where we operate facilities and services.

Our key guide


In our middle – the individual     


Developed at the start of the 1990s, these words express our fundamental belief in Christian humanity. This is a strong and open pledge we take to the people in our care. It is also a measure of how highly we value our employees who are also the individuals meant in these words.

Our core values

Our core values

What would the world be without compassion for each other?

What would life be without help and guidance?

What would the day be without willingness to be there?


We are here for the individuals who need our special help and support

We respect their individuality and integrity

We meet them in partnership, reliable and devote

We enable them to decide themselves, how they live, as far as possible


What we do we do in respect of our values

With a deep humanity, based in Christian brotherly love

With sound working knowledge and individual answers

With a sound business, that our work lastingly secures


But also with concerns about us, ourselves, and our needs


In every moment both large and small

To fullfill our commitment


In our middle – the individual


The company logo

The image that The Stiftung Liebenau uses comes from a picture about the parable of the Good Samaritan. The image expresses our understanding of the Christian humanitarian principal of brotherly love.

Our Responsibility

With the work we do we take on wide-reaching social responsibilities. We react to Ethical and Social political developments, we are networkers and practise sustainable business policies.



The Ethics committee looks at all the ethical aspects of the work we do and how we develop as a business



As a Stiftung we are committed to sustainability. This principle applies to all aspect of what we do socially, economically and environmentally.